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    Jarka Východská



My individual development approach is based on my PhD in psychology and the following trainings and workshops:


Neuro-Linguistic Programming Diploma - Devon school

NLP Coaching Master

NLP Hypnotherapy - J. Zeilhofer, DVNLP

Training in the Techniques of Imaginations

Training in the Systemic Constellations - John Whittington

Certified EEG Biofeedback Therapist

Leadership Coaching - John Whitmore

Work with the Trauma - IPOP

Narcism Transformation, Work with Ego - J. Zeilhofer

Work with Happiness, Power and Will

Work with Inner Harmony - Sagarpriya


Lucie Konrádová




The background of my coaching and therapeutic approach is based in the study of clinical, cognitive and neuropsychology together with study of art, imaginative approaches and their application in the therapy. I use goal-oriented, holistic coaching frame in combination with NLP.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Ján Praško, Petr Možný

Neuro Linguistic Programming Academy - Coaching World

Holistic Coaching - Coaching World

Training in the Art-Therapy - Marijanka Štefančíková

Training in the Techniques of Imaginations - Marijanka Štefančíhová

Work with the Trauma - IPOP



It doesn't matter how many resources you have, if you don't know how to use them!


Coaching, NLP therapy, hypnotherapy helps on the way of our personal development.

No matter if it comes to work situations, relationships, the past... or more specific, if we can feel negative thoughts at work, an inability to make decisions, a loss of happiness, an insomnia, a constant anger, a frustration, a feeling of insignificance, total exhaustion... or if we simply want to make a decision whether to change our work or not, how to develop our competencies, to understand a repetitive, disturbing situations in our relationships... All that belongs to our life and we can actively change it. IF WE WANT TO!


Why not to be satisfied, smiling, happy, in harmony, self-confident and healthy?


The decision is upon us. However we decide, it would become our reality...


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